Didn't get such great photos of these at the arboretum on the weekend, but they are fun....

Topiary peacocks with flour bed feathers.

Gardening tip:

Leave out bowls or plates of water near your gardens at night. A lot of the animals that come by and take a single bite out of a vegetable before moving on are doing so for the water in the plant, not the tasty fruiting body. Leaving water out has ended all incursions by rabbits and I didn't have to use any form of repellent.

Just discovered the most delicious Indian food we've had in DFW. Rather unexpectedly it's in the food court of a tidy, but rather desolate, dying suburban mall.

Would not have thought of trying it had we not been right next to the mall. Glad we were!

Quite a busy place, in a smart small food court shop front, with the tandoor oven just behind the counter.


Texas Instruments broke ground on a $billions new fab in Sherman. Politicians and tech news places talking about how great this is, how Texas is a great place for business.

They have a 90% property tax break for 30 years from the city and county. With no state income tax, property tax is how you are meant to pay your fair share for services and education. Residents are struggling as taxes go up with property values. Well connected business get a free ride.


Heading into 'the spooky woods' earlier...

It was a nice morning wander with the youngest. Walked almost a mile down from the oldest's soccer match pausing at three playgrounds, and then back just in time for the end of the match.

If we had to do the DFW suburbs thing over again, Farmers Branch might have been a contender for the parks... If they weren't the type of city that was spending $millions in attempts to defend anti-immigrant / racist ordinances back when we moved here.

This is Peat. She's very soft, old and a bit crazy. At some point each day she'll come into my home office and noisily demand pets.

Other favorite things are pawing you in the face if you aren't giving her enough attention, trying to climb under the bed covers in the middle of the night, and toasting herself by lying where the oven blows out hot air.

Currently wearing a big donut thing as she needs to go to the vet for another allergy shot... A small cone doesn't stop her scratching.

This is Sir Digby Chicken Caesar (after a Mitchell & Webb show character).

He's an outside all day, inside at night kinda guy, who enjoys wandering around the neighborhood for pets from anyone who looks friendly.

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A historical document from 1932 I came across while scanning family photos. Iowa farmers wanted a New Deal, did not like when Hoover insulted them to their face.

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