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Old fashioned signpost and St Gomonda’s church in Roche. Nice weather to visit the park with the kids. Not at all like the forecast!

Gorgeous weather in St Ives. Had a nice wander on Porthmeor beach. Kids enjoyed looking for little rock pools.

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Took a train ride to St Ives today. Always a nice view out of the window on the brand line from St Erth.

Little bike ride close to home today. Well, I say ride, but with the 8.5% grade up to the church in St Dennis for the view, there was a lot of pushing the bike too.

Getting to go underneath a large steam engine, to see the workings, was pretty darn cool. The signalbox simulation that has you pull real levers to shunt a train out the way is also very fun - for kids, and adults too!

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That should be just before the rain… not the sun 🤣 wishful thinking in my writing !

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Decamped to Swindon for the STEAM museum of the GWR this afternoon, away from the Welsh rain. £1 entry for children, plus a family and friends railcard for the journey, made it a not too extravagant jaunt.

Caerphilly this morning, Penarth this afternoon. Nice day out by train… and only got a bit wet this morning, first thing.

View from hotel isn’t very picturesque, but kids are being entertained by trains… so I’ll take the end of Cardiff Central Station over a brick wall or road!

Felt very unfit having a little ride today. Had to push up the hill again. Three months off and I’m a long way from my 25+ mile rides… though it is about 10x more hilly here!

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