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Six distinct bird songs going on out here while I'm grilling, and a woodpecker too. With the wind in the trees it's masking the usual hum of traffic on I-35 quite nicely.

Was a day with many more than for me, but...

1. Had a nice mini adventure on the train and bus with the children.

2. Received something pretty awesome in the post, from a friend.

3. Had delicious curry again.


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The people who bought and held onto their homes through the housing bubble considered themselves to be genius investors, even though their "strategy" consisted of "living somewhere, while forces they didn't understand drove trillions into the housing market and inflated the price of every home."

Housing is a uniquely dangerous form of speculation, because shelter is a primary human right, and being unsheltered is catastrophic.


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Arghhh. Got up at 1:30am to participate in and present at a workshop in Europe, and the room audio feed for remote presenters is borked.

Now listening to audio from someone's echoing laptop microphone.

Gonna be a looooooong day. Heh.

"Charles Schwab will be launching its own direct indexing solution...designed for a broader audience beyond high net worth individuals..."

"As part of being designed for a broader audience, the account minimum for the services is $100,000"

Interesting definition of broader audience there. 💰

Really going to need one of those world clocks on the wall when we move across the pond, but most work people are spread across North American timezones.

Getting timezones right in my head is probably the most challenging part of fully remote work.

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Tuning in remotely to some of the ISC HPC conference sessions in Hamburg this week... from Dallas... And have already got the timezone offset wrong 🤦‍♂️

Asparagus and burgers on the grill, and a different local blonde to drink. It's pretty decent. Cheers!

That was a pleasant playing of records! Posted the mix here...

A lazy hour mix of some trance vinyl with a Platipus vibe.

Going to try to play some records in my old slot in about 12 minutes, after @guofu 's broadcast... if it's free.

Still one of the handiest PDFs until my brain decides to push out 'ifconfig' memories, to accommodate 'ip'...

The 'ip' command cheat sheet.

For sale - furniture / household, Dallas area 

Selling due to impending move. DM me if you are interested in details. Collection from Carrollton TX only.

KitchenAid Artisan mixer (ice color) - $150
White computer desk with filing drawer - $60
Dining table & 6 chairs... 3 leaf, 61.5" up to 132" long. - $900 (offers)
Finch hiqh quality poly lumber USA made patio set - glider, ottoman, end table - $950 (offers)

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For sale - electronics, Dallas area 

Selling due to impending move. DM me if you are interested in details. Collection from Carrollton TX only.

Onkyo TX-8255 stereo receiver $40
Onkyo SK-4800 floor standing speakers (pair) $150
Dell UltraSharp 27" monitor - U2715H - $100

New levels of 'reserving' the shady tables and benches at the splash park today. Someone has roped off the whole of one of the three areas for themselves, despite bringing their own shade tent also.

But this is the most brazen... Put reserved signs on all the tables on the other bit, and then bring wooden things to block off the path?!?!

Neither party has shown up yet...

Of course, being British, I'll just sit on the grass and quietly scowl at them.

When there's a rattle, and you find children have been putting toys into the port on the back of the tower speakers you are going to sell.... Luckily their hands are small enough to retrieve said toys.

Finally got around to applying my roughly 20yr old terminal color scheme to Windows terminal. That it has taken this long is definitely an indication I'm less inclined to fiddle with trivial things these days.

Boring colors, on a light grey background. It has been following me around in an .Xresources file and other forms since I'm not exactly sure when. I'll never be a dark mode person 💡 😎

Hoping people start to recognize this stuff, and the conversation moves on from the negative bitching, that is still seemingly embedded in every CentOS / afjacent thread.

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Starting the workday booting 9 for ppc64le under qemu. Seriously impressive how quickly it came out after RHEL9, and for all architectures right out of the gate!

This kind of turnaround is quite a large improvement versus the lag at the launch of CentOS 7 & 8

Can't help feeling that between AlmaLinux being so quick, and CentOS stream offering a 'preview', we're in a much better position around 'RHEL but for free' than any previous time.

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