Computer for sale / worthy charity (DFW) 

@publius oh, just saw the mini-cd bit. That's a no... You cant get those to stay in the tray vertically on this machine.

Computer for sale / worthy charity (DFW) 

@technoid_ cool. I'm in Carrollton... Just inside Dallas County.

It has been my Linux desktop for work for 2 years. Heavy VM usage! Cheers.

Computer for sale / worthy charity (DFW) 

@publius it definitely works, but it's not great, especially if the disc is slightly unbalanced. Ends up being slow when ripping CDs etc. I wouldn't recommend this machine if you use that a lot. It really is quite big if you have to lay it down.

Computer for sale / worthy charity (DFW) 

I have a hefty Lenovo P700 workstation:

2 x 12-core Xeon 2680v3 CPUs
256GB NVMe
2 x 3TB HDD

This is a heavy, and electricity sucking machine... though it is quite quiet! Basically a 2 socket server, as a workstation.

On the off chance anyone on here in the DFW area wants it, make me an offer - it has to go within a couple of weeks 😄

Or... if you know of a DFW area charitable cause who would make *good* use of it, let me know!

@alan yeah, the heat advisory they put out is no joke. Surviving with a cold wet towel around neck, sat in front of a box fan, lots of ice water... and taking turns with my wife, so we can cool down inside the house with the air conditioning!

@alan and this is why I'm looking forward to returning to grey and dismal Cornwall 😆

Really need to close these curtains to stop the ferocious sun coming in... But someone won't be amused.

@djsundog Nice! Just need to get Cubase, Calamus, and GFA Basic on it... and the world is your oyster!

Friday 104F, Saturday 103F, Sunday 101F.

Not the best weekend for a garage sale.

I'll get a nice cold milkshake for my birthday on Sunday though 🎂

UK Pol 

Good job Tiverton & Honiton.

Looking forward to contributing to Cornwall becoming less blue when the time comes.

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MTT 278 / Child Of Technology

Something a little warm & fun this week. Downtempo beats, #electro , and IDM, 105-110, no rush. This #djmix features music by Brothomstates, DJ Food, Hand Polished, Jean Nine, Newcleus, Reeno, YMO, and more.

@TrechNex Well... makes more sense than when they decided to put Kubernetes clusters on an F-16 for the hell of it. 🙂

Open source projects 

Quite a lot of my workday as maintainer of an open source project could be classed as diplomacy / expectation management.

It can be pretty exhausting but it's very necessary, as long as people are writing code rather than robots.

It's also great when it works to bring peoe together on the same page, to do cool or fun stuff. Not that it always succeeds!

Just found that the Platipus catalogue is now all on bandcamp. 90s trance ahoy. This is exciting. Might not have to seek out some of them on vinyl now.

UPS arrived. Radical Linux box downsizing is go!

Anyone in DFW area want a Lenovo P700 (Dual Xeon 2680v3 / 80GB RAM / 256GB NVMe / 2 x 3 TB HDD / Nvidia GT730) when I'm done? Shoot me an offer... I need to get rid of it.

Argghhhh - that thing where the UPS truck is one street over on the map..... then it disappears, and the ETA turns into 'by 9pm'.

That'll teach me to plan my day around `1-3pm`.

@claudiom it's included in a trance mix I did ad-hoc on tilderadio one night here... don't think you were around for it.

Just in case you are interested!

Some 1997 trance for a Tuesday morning. Have this on vinyl... it has a pretty funky sleeve!

Art of Trance - Kaleidoscope (Sunday Club mix)

Don't buy a Dell Inspiron 3501...

It's an otherwise fairly decent cheap laptop but first time I want to use it with an external monitor I find:

"The HDMI connector on the motherboard used in these Inspiron and Vostro systems can't output a resolution higher than 1920x1080. This is the motherboard working to the limits of its design." 🤯

Just a sampling of nonsense... avoiding their batshit crazy musings on abortion, gender identity, homosexuality etc.

Really have outdone their selves this time, outlining how they think people should be denied their freedoms to live how they want, and direct governance.... errr... for the sake of 'freedom'.

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