Really need to close these curtains to stop the ferocious sun coming in... But someone won't be amused.

UPS arrived. Radical Linux box downsizing is go!

Anyone in DFW area want a Lenovo P700 (Dual Xeon 2680v3 / 80GB RAM / 256GB NVMe / 2 x 3 TB HDD / Nvidia GT730) when I'm done? Shoot me an offer... I need to get rid of it.

Some 1997 trance for a Tuesday morning. Have this on vinyl... it has a pretty funky sleeve!

Art of Trance - Kaleidoscope (Sunday Club mix)

Move preparations getting more serious now. The vinyl is all packed up!

Well, this is just miserable. 102F heat index, no breeze, and lots of mosquitos while I water the plants this evening.

Please hurry wife's visa, so we can skip at least part of the Texas summer!

Well..... definitely not going to be a great weekend for doing anything outside.

105F is just... oof 🥵

Asparagus and burgers on the grill, and a different local blonde to drink. It's pretty decent. Cheers!

New levels of 'reserving' the shady tables and benches at the splash park today. Someone has roped off the whole of one of the three areas for themselves, despite bringing their own shade tent also.

But this is the most brazen... Put reserved signs on all the tables on the other bit, and then bring wooden things to block off the path?!?!

Neither party has shown up yet...

Of course, being British, I'll just sit on the grass and quietly scowl at them.

When there's a rattle, and you find children have been putting toys into the port on the back of the tower speakers you are going to sell.... Luckily their hands are small enough to retrieve said toys.

Finally got around to applying my roughly 20yr old terminal color scheme to Windows terminal. That it has taken this long is definitely an indication I'm less inclined to fiddle with trivial things these days.

Boring colors, on a light grey background. It has been following me around in an .Xresources file and other forms since I'm not exactly sure when. I'll never be a dark mode person 💡 😎

Didn't get such great photos of these at the arboretum on the weekend, but they are fun....

Topiary peacocks with flour bed feathers.

Did 29.4 miles of today, to friends across the metroplex a bit in Garland. Met up with my wife and kids who drove there.

Dallas trails lovely as usual, until the mess of getting across I-635 in the roadworks around Skillman. From there into Garland it's not that much fun. But... was gorgeous weather, and a lovely ride overall.

This might be the worst chain hotel generic wall art I've ever seen.

He has access to a Switch and a Wii... but wants to play on the SNES today.

I'm always in favor of this, given it's what I used to play when visiting my cousin many moons ago 😀

'donate' my messages to Google?! Does anyone click other than No thanks?

Nice morning for some on my day off. Feel exhausted now, though, after what was previously a regular leisurely 20 mile route.

Haven't gotten out much in the past 2 months and that's very noticeable.

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