Kids off to first day of school… time for me to put together the new bike 😄 Pedals don’t get delivered ‘til the weekend, so had to steal the cheapo ones off my old hybrid bike for now!

@kawaiipunk thanks! Hopefully get a day without heavy showers every 20 minutes to try it out properly soon!

@dctrud It looks very nice. Those wheels are 700x40 I'm guessing? Tan walls have a great look. What's the brand of the bike?

Have fun with it! I certainly do with mine.

@normandc 700x37c WTB riddler tires. It's a Cannondale Topstone 3.

@dctrud @normandc Riddlers are good tires, and I'm pretty happy with WTB's gravel selection.

@dokuja @dctrud Early this year I switched the WTB Venture 47s my bike came with for WTB Byways as I ride mostly on asphalt. I've been happy wirh them. They're much smoother. I believe Riddlers (which are not available for 650B wheels) and Byways are very similar.

@normandc @dctrud yeah the Byways are supposed to be pretty nice in road plus. I too had trouble finding options in 650b but was ecstatic when the Resolute came out. I tend to treat my gravel bikes like drop bar full rigid MTBs and those tires gripped well just about anywhere and surprisingly wasn't too much of a chore on the road.

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