If you are thinking about moving from to codeberg, or another free code hosting site... you should ask yourself how you know your code will be more durable there?

How is codeberg funded? Can it weather growth with that funding?

What is the impact of this in T&Cs - "We make no guarantees about the availability of the content hosted on our platform. Although we try to preserve all content for the future, you are solely responsible for making regular backups of everything you rely on."

There is no magic place that will promise to host your code forever, for free. No trustworthy organization or company has that responsibility, or is going to claim they will fulfill it.

If you promote self-hosting, which has a cost, consider you are now really promoting an alternative to *paid* accounts with commercial git hosts.... not their free offerings.

@matt it's a great archive. But how do you git clone from it? I believe softwareheritage.org is a more focused archive project for code.

@dctrud you can't, but you don't have to use git. Code is just text


@matt we've gotten to the point now where tooling expects to pull stuff from git repos. Where history of the code is expected to browse easily. Downloading a tar file of source from archive.org just isn't going to be a substitute for a GitHub or similar.

@dctrud Ah. Sounds like your tooling is really holding you back. Hope you can find something more flexible

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