Might be stuck sorting paperwork and belongings, and not getting out and about much... but have some good beer now!

Temp accomm is a 3 minute walk from one of the best beer stores in the area 🍻

Peticolas, Manhattan Project, Pegasus City beers all from Dallas. And a boulevard quad from further afield since it's good stuff.

3 minutes away? What happens if you run out of beer??? 😮

@alan That's how @dctrud justifies buying more beer to drink. He's burning off the calories on the way there and back! :flan_wink:

I bet beer has more calories in it than chlorine 🤣

@alan heh. This'll last me more than a few days. There's some strong 8, 9 and 12% stuff here, and I'm a lightweight... too sleepy after one for anything else. 😴

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