33 pages of reasons to get the hell out of Texas.

Restore firearms freedom... repeal the 17th amendment... get rid of vehicle inspections... complete repeal of the hate crimes laws... abolish the dept. of education... pass a law prohibiting the teaching of sex education... abolish the estate tax... abolish property tax (but no income tax!)... leave the UN and banish it from US soil... stop water flouridation...



Just a sampling of nonsense... avoiding their batshit crazy musings on abortion, gender identity, homosexuality etc.

Really have outdone their selves this time, outlining how they think people should be denied their freedoms to live how they want, and direct governance.... errr... for the sake of 'freedom'.

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@dctrud them's the mainstream, wonder what the crazies think

@dctrud Good thing hypocrisy isn't a terminal disease.

Wait, maybe not that good a thing. 🙄

I'm guessing you can't wait to get out of this place!

@dctrud So no more city governments? Seems counter to their constant call for small local gov. Lettin the mask slip there.

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