Going to replace my 45lb metal hunk of a Dual Xeon workstation with an Asus Ryzen 5700U mini PC before we leave for the UK.

Should be a bit easier to take over in a suitcase 😆

Down from 80GB RAM to 64GB... and 24 cores to 8... but I think I'll generally benefit more out of the faster single core performance than I do from having 24 cores of 2015 vintage Xeon at present.

Will probably miss having them when running bulk builds & tests across 6 different distros in VMs for work.though 😿

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@dctrud I'm on a System76 Pangolin with a Ryzen 7 5700U and 64G RAM, and 2TB NVME. Its a beast of a machine in a very small package, low power consumption, etc.

@adamd Yep. I think it'll work quite nicely. This setup will be roughly half the total CPU performance of my current workstation, but better single thread.

Storage is definitely a compromise... current machine has 3 NVMe drives and a 4TB HDD RAID set, but that has become excessive for what I do on it the past year.

Not having dual 120 watt CPUs will make for a rather cooler home office. Will see how noisy the tiny fan is. I had a NUC sometime ago which wasn't bad.

@adamd this thing is used as a headless machine. Eventually I should receive a shiny new M2 Mac as my work 'desktop' (but it'll really be a laptop). Will be interesting to see how fast that is too.... Am on a 2017 model i7 MacBook Pro for that at the moment.

@dctrud sounds like a PN51, which would be the same box i have, which replaced an ancient mac mini

@pootriarch yep... that's it. Fingers crossed you think it's decent 🙂

@dctrud it has quirks but i love it - the quirks are more a mac guy moving to ubuntu. but do yourself a favor and set the fan to quiet mode in the bios - it still spins as high as needed, but it removes the rpm floor. any other setting, the thing is on at all times for no good reason

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