Texas has a candidate for governor who, amongst a vast range of predictably awful things, wants to be “Preventing Chinese citizens from enrolling at Texas colleges and universities”. Has he ever visited a university and seen who is doing much of the research generating this “Texans’ technology and other intellectual property” he claims is being stolen?!?! This is idiotic beyond the significant problems with painting individuals with the problems of their nationality’s government.

His whole manifesto is essentially to have Texas f@#! over almost everyone who is not some extreme caricature of a white Christian conservative. He also says he’ll completely ignore the federal government, federal judges, and amusingly (given he is republican), the Supreme Court. And somehow he has enough money given to him for TV adverts?!?!

@dctrud The scarier thing is there are plenty of Texans that agree with him. He is the symptom, not the problem.

Yeah I was bothered at the extremist political ads on the football game earlier today

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