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Okay, I'll jump on the (re) trend 🙂

I'm Dave, a and nerd living in the suburbs, but from Cornwall in the UK originally. Ex , now a .

I'm most likely to post about dance music on , some , , and maybe US and UK . Oh, and stuff.

Very lucky to be married to @pollywaffle !

Local St Austell beer. I went to sixth form college right across the street from the St Austell brewery, and it stank to high heaven of malt and hops on a weekly basis.

Quick spin was out to next village and back around. My parents house is on top of a hill... so -7% and +5% grades and 291ft of elevation in 3 miles.

Bit different from my Dallas area rides. I could go 20 miles for only 300ft rise there. I need to get fit again heh.

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Bought this bike 14 years ago and used it in Oxford. Left it with my parents 11 years ago when moved to the USA. Now have it back for a bit. My Dad did put new tires on at some point, and I’ve just replaced the brake blocks, but it’s in amazing condition. Much alloy, so little rust. Took it for a quick spin and oof, there are *hills* here. Heh.

My parents have a rather impressive setup for growing fruit and veg at the bottom of their garden. Lots of tomatoes, peppers, raspberries, and some potatoes and beans being picked since we arrived here.

Blackberries at the local park. Used to pick and eat them a lot from the hedgerows when I was a kid.

From Carrollton trails yesterday, to a short stroll around Little Venice today, having made it into London proper.

Top quality sat in the dark belly of a plane listening, right here.

Been lucky enough to see the Old 97s live a few times in Dallas, too.

Busted out the “only used for transatlantic flights” iPod shuffle. It has had the same music on it for many many years. Supergrass, Brendan Benson, The Bluetones, Old 97s and much more goodness I haven’t listened to in a while, really.

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Kids asleep as we cross the Canadian border over Sault Ste Marie. I can never sleep on a flight, so time for expensive Wi-Fi, and some tootin’ from 35,000 feet ✈️

There's a new release, so must be time to update that VM I rarely fire up now!

Yep, still works :-)

Subscribed to Kalahari Oyster Cult on bandcamp a little while back, and it's always a nice surprise when they release something new.

It's really quite ridiculous value for the EUR 60 (minimum), if you are into the type of thing they put out.

Latest Fantastic Man EP is quite fun...

Or... We can campaign for public funds to establish open source code hosting options that are free at the point of use.

I just can't see that donation supported hosts are going to be able to support a lot of people, for a long time, for "free".

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There are so many recent knee-jerk reactions / suggestions of alternatives to GitHub, GitLab, and similar situations that don't take into account that stuff actually costs money to run & host.

Bouncing between free hosting options is a process that's more or less guaranteed to have no end.

We need to be seeking out, or creating, stable *paid for* options, which do not have the unwanted baggage of VC funded or big-corp owned platforms.

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