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I post sometimes, on as there.

I recently foolishly decided to try running @fosspositive as a place for daily positive snippets about pragmatic and useful , maybe as a counter to some of the negativity and purity-led conversations on that topic.

Please feel free to follow me. No need to ask, or have a fleshed out account. Cheers!

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Okay, I'll jump on the (re) trend 🙂

I'm Dave, a and nerd living in the suburbs, but from Cornwall in the UK originally. Ex , now a .

I'm most likely to post about dance music on , some , , and maybe US and UK . Oh, and stuff.

Very lucky to be married to @pollywaffle !


Proud of this one 😆



TX news guns -- 

Counting down the days now, until our children finish going to school in a country that allows shootings to happen regularly.

Where we are going later this summer has plenty of problems, but not that one.

Just utter despair at the fact that elementary school children have to do active-shooter drills, let alone that they could be warranted.

Work has a number of jobs open at present. Particularly looking to fill a position for Go development, on a container runtime used mainly in HPC.

Would be working on an open-source project, and a commercial long-term supported version.

Fully remote... we're currently spread across 🇺🇸 and 🇨🇦 (and soon 🇬🇧)

Did 29.4 miles of today, to friends across the metroplex a bit in Garland. Met up with my wife and kids who drove there.

Dallas trails lovely as usual, until the mess of getting across I-635 in the roadworks around Skillman. From there into Garland it's not that much fun. But... was gorgeous weather, and a lovely ride overall.

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This thing where you get feedback / comments from people who view your house for sale is a bit like yelp reviews.

5 stars, really great!

0 stars, neighborhood is so disappointing I'm not even going inside to look.

Just discovered the most delicious Indian food we've had in DFW. Rather unexpectedly it's in the food court of a tidy, but rather desolate, dying suburban mall.

Would not have thought of trying it had we not been right next to the mall. Glad we were!

Quite a busy place, in a smart small food court shop front, with the tandoor oven just behind the counter.

This might be the worst chain hotel generic wall art I've ever seen.

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charlie pride realtor donkey statue, routes 62 & 82, brownfield, texas, 1993

TI has existing plants in Sherman and Richardson. They quoted that and existing supplier relationships as reasons to choose the site. Yet somehow 90% off taxes is on the table and needed to entice them?!

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"The city of Sherman and Grayson County are each offering a 10-year, 90% property tax abatement for each of the plants, after which the company will receive a 20-year rebate on 90% of each plant’s property taxes. Grayson College will offer a 10-year, 50% tax abatement for each of the plants. And Sherman ISD is offering a 10-year cap on property tax revenues under Texas’ Chapter 313 tax code, which allows large corporate projects to limit the taxes they pay..."

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Texas Instruments broke ground on a $billions new fab in Sherman. Politicians and tech news places talking about how great this is, how Texas is a great place for business.

They have a 90% property tax break for 30 years from the city and county. With no state income tax, property tax is how you are meant to pay your fair share for services and education. Residents are struggling as taxes go up with property values. Well connected business get a free ride.


He has access to a Switch and a Wii... but wants to play on the SNES today.

I'm always in favor of this, given it's what I used to play when visiting my cousin many moons ago 😀

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'donate' my messages to Google?! Does anyone click other than No thanks?

UK Immigration 

Back 11 years ago now (when things were quicker than they are now), it took a total of 8 months from first filing to visa for me to come to the USA (from the UK) as spouse of a US citizen.

That was fast then... and the UK timeline with the current delays is still shorter.

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UK Immigration 

It's a lot how much people are bad mouthing the UK Visa & Immigration *staff* online, for delays to fiance/spouse visas caused by *politicians* approach to Ukraine visas.

Also, new timeline is 120 working days, up from 60.... so, those US citizens complaining bitterly about this might want to think about their own country's approach...

It's 5-11 months at present for an I-130 petition, and then another 8-14 months for the I-485 portion, to have a UK spouse join you in the USA.

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