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Hello! I'm a and nerd who has floated around the fediverse for a while now.

I'm most likely to be talking about my rides, doing DJ stuff with records, and venting about free software gatekeeping / purity spirals.

I post photos elsewhere at

Migrated from I'm still an SDF user and fan, just an impatient nerd who likes to be able to troubleshoot his own things.


Ready for @buttstuf on in a bit! And reliving the days of 256 color palette switching to enjoy the @snowdusk__ lineups.

What’s the secret to motivating yourself to clean your shower *before* it is so disgusting you gas yourself with the fumes from cleaner reacting with soap scum? Asking for….. a friend?!

Ughh.. after doing a nice sensible all outside Halloween PTA event, kid school is going all in on multiple indoor events before Xmas.

Turned up to one last week and it was the poorly ventilated cafeteria packed with people, many unmasked... did not stay. Enough unventilated concentrated exhalations in there to make it muggy and hot.

And now, another one coming up which is pretty much a 'must attend'.

Boots and doesn’t crash running something CPU heavy. Clearly I should go buy a lottery ticket, as given the state of the bottom of the motherboard now, it’s my lucky day.

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are there new capacitors on the board? Yes! Will it work…. Very doubtful. One leg of them sits in a huge common bit of copper and my novice hand scorched the crap out of the bottom of the board getting them out 😕

Doesn’t take long for re-capping supplies to arrive when you happen to live rather near to Mouser!

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Had to remove one of these bulging caps to be able to see the spec to order for my Sun Blade…. No going back now. 😬It was wonky and let out a slight hiss as it was freed from the board, and the bung at the bottom is now pushed out somewhat… so I guess it wasn’t long for this world anyway. Not a lot lost if I mess up replacing it!

One of the nice things about being on here as a computer nerd is that it’s easy to find someone to pass on computers you no longer need to. Always feels good that they’ll then be used, rather than collecting dust or headed to trash. Old desktop inherited from late mother in law, and the T420 that was revived but surplus, finding new homes soon :-)

Got my bib tights, undershirt, and a thin jacket in the mail. Set for some (Texas) winter ....

.... and now it's the 4th of December and I'm sweating after doing yard work in shorts and t-shirt. High of 77F / 25C 🤔

The smell of winter… someone down the street trying to burn wet wood on a breeze less day. 😷

Welp…. Sun Blade needs a re-cap at some point. Half the electrolytics by the CPU socket are now bulging quite a bit since I started using it. 2001 vintage so not a surprise. Might attempt it on Christmas break. Wonder what the chances I’ll succeed are? 😬

Ughhh. Desperately need an NVIDIA card that works with current CUDA and has 2 DP outputs… and that’s not a good position to be in in 2021, apparently.

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This new tinydesk from Wet Leg is Absolutely gobsmacking.

They go absolutely 1000% harder than they have to.

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